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From large construction jobs and home improcement projects to commercial cleanouts or even just a spring cleaning, if you find that you need a dumpster, Dumpster Kalamazoo is your best option.

Getting a dumpster from us is easy, just give Jesse a call and he’ll gladly answer all of your questions. Most of our customers have never actually rented a dumpster before so we understand that the process can be a bit confusing and you’ll have a lot of questions.

We’ll pick a time to drop of your dumpster and a time to pick it up. We usually rent dumpster out for 3 days and always show up for drop-off and pickup on time. You probably have seen Jesse driving around town delivering dumspters to our Kalamazoo County customers.



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20 Yards To Fit All Of Your Needs

We know what the aftermath of a project comes in all shapes and sizes. Large jobs leave tons of waste which may require multiple 20 yard dumpsters.

Whatever your needs are, we have the right sized dumpster for you so you can keep your project moving on schedule. Currently, we offer 20-yard dumpsters.

Are you unsure which dumpster option is right for you? Just give us a call or fill out the form on this page while picking the option, “I’m not sure yet” and one of our service reps will give you a call back to discuss which option is best for you.

20 Cubic Yard Dumpster:

Our 20 yard dumspter is our most popular and available option. It provides the best of both worlds when it comes to fitting in smaller spaces while still providing ample room for cleaning up bigger residential and commercial construction projects.

20 Yard Dumpsters – Best Used For:

  • Slightly larger home cleanouts
  • Business and retail cleanouts
  • Larger kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Basement remodels
  • Deck, shed, and shade structure demolition
  • Spring cleaning
  • Small commercial construction
  • Carpet removal

Capacity: 8 – 10 Pickup Truck Loads

Our Services

Residential Dumpster Rental

When you’re about to start a home renovation project, you’ll want to free yourself from junk and clutter as fast as possible. When you finish a bathroom remodel, exterior repaint, or landscape update you’ll be left with a bit of waste. The last thing you’ll want is to have to spend extra time and energy figuring out how to get rid of the waste after all of your hard work.

Dumpster Kalamazoo can help you get rid of it quickly and efficiently with dumpster, delivered right to your home. You can rest easy knowing we will dispose of your waste the right way. Common residential jobs that require our roll off dumpster rentals include garage clear-outs, remodeling refuse, house demolition and fire remediation. 

Commercial Dumpster Rental

No matter the size of your business, we’ve got you covered should you generate too much waste and junk to handle. We promise that we’ll have your roll-off dumpster delivered quickly and professionally and be there for any questions that might arise.


Construction Dumpster Rental

Every construction site will inevitably generate waste. Instead of worrying about what to do with leftover drywall scraps, roofing shingles, or old deck boards, then let us deliver a dumpster for your construction project. 


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Reasons To Choose Dumpster Kalamazoo

Local Company

Most dumpster rental companies are actually national operations with thousands of dumpsters across the country. This can be good because smaller communities can have a dumpster rental operation, unfortunately, they don’t always have the best customer service. When you take away the hometown feel, you sacrifice the ability to know you’re supporting a local company that wants to benefit its community. We live in Kalamazoo County (Paw Paw) and work in Portage every day. We know every main road, school & business in our community.


We rely on our utmost professionalism to meet all of our clients’ needs. First, we are committed to always answering the phone when we’re not on the road and having a conversation that answers all of your questions (no matter how trivial they may seem to you).

Second, every face-to-face interaction carries the same professionalism from the time we show up, the way we knock on your door, and how we greet you. We understand that we are a dumpster rental SERVICE, which means everything must be A+.


You have no idea what the last customer put in their last dumpster. We do since we pick it up and unload it at the landfill. Regardless of what was put in the last dumpster, we thoroughly clean each dumpster after use so you’ll never have to worry about having a smelly dumpster in your driveway for 3-days.

What usually happens is your neighbors see your dumpster and think to themselves, “why didn’t I think of that? I’ve got some stuff to get rid of too.”


We pride ourselves on being the most affordable dumpster rental company in Portage. We are competing with a number of national chains who all have thousands of employees, investors, and the sorts all contributing to their higher prices. Our operation is this tiny site, a few trucks, Jesse, and a few helpers when we get busy here and there.

This means you’re paying the lowest price possible when you go with us. You get a steal and we’re still able to put food on our tables. Everybody wins!

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